This is the second step of the process. In the implementation phase, we will execute the plan step by step for you locally. We will start by creating the legal entity, we will deal with the complexity of the administrative formalities, insurance, offices, and prepare the working contracts. During that time we will start local communication so that when we start the hiring, people are already aware of the creation and the contract on the facility. We will then start the staffing of the subsidiary, by creating openings, filtering and interviewing the candidates, short listing the right ones so that you and your staff have the final decision. We will prepare the inter-company agreement, the connexion with your processes and tools, and the financial reporting. The outcome of this phase is a fully running subsidiary that is operational and can bring the first dollar.


Creation of the legal entity
Inter-companies’ contract and rules of engagements
Office, network and tools
Hiring the staff
Localization, local marketing and communication
Financial reporting
Get government support

Up and Running subsidiary